Being an artist

Art has been my constant companion since I was a child, walking beside me and guiding every step of my life like a faithful companion. Being an artist is a condition, a necessity; it is the language through which I am able to express what I feel. Being an artist is also a social commitment, a gift that I try to explain and share, a duty to communicate and disseminate the values ​​I believe in. My artistic training started out with figurative experiments,

with a particular interest in surrealism, then moved on through further research and experimentation to an expressive language in which the material and form of the work itself began to take on new importance and aesthetic value. The “Geografia del Pellegrinaggio” [Geography of Pilgrimage] exhibition in 1994 marked the beginning of my final journey as an artist towards the heart, the centre of man, the temple and the custodian of the temple, the pulsating machine of body and soul, the potential creator of a new man.

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The heart

The heart, an image that has assumed the character of a universal symbol throughout history, the logo of a “brand” which, though often undervalued and trivialised, remains the one symbol in which all free men can recognise themselves and find themselves united. In my work, the archetypal form of the heart becomes the synthesis of a universal message and the password to its very content. My hearts are “travel notes”; they are somehow necessary in establishing small steps towards knowledge; they are the pieces of my soul that are trying to reassemble themselves. I believe that our soul could be the spirit that many religions speak of, the breath that keeps us alive and raises us to the status of children of some God, a gift that we have a duty to nurture, a sacred entity that needs to be nourished, but not with food.  Art is the hunger and the bread of my soul, and being an artist is my way of nourishing it.



The centre of man, the temple and the custodian of the temple

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