About Me

I was born in June 1957 in Rome, where I still live and work, and to the beauty of which city much of the credit for my education is due. While cultivating a passion for art, my studies after graduating were directed towards the world of design. I attended the IED (European Institute of Design) and graduated in interior architecture in 1979. In parallel to my work as an artist (my first exhibitions were in 1976), I developed my work as an architect and designer with equal commitment, handling many residential and public renovations and consolidating my training with vocational experience and practice on the “building site”.


Art Decò

During this time I also had a strong passion for the cultural fervour of the early 1900s, which I consider to be the genuine cradle of modern thinking. I researched and collected furniture items and decorative art pieces for many years, from Art Nouveau to Art Deco. My love for artists and craftsmen of the period has indisputably been an inexhaustible source of inspiration in the search for my own personal expressive language.


Initially inspired by the surrealist movement, my initial work as an artist evolved at the end of the 1980s towards a new artistic method where the material and the very form of the work started to take on a new intensity and aesthetic value.

I presented my work to the public for the first time in 1994, with a major individual exhibition on my new theme of the “heart” as the pulsating centre of body and soul, the potential creator and custodian of a new man.

Reinstating man at the centre of the universe and the heart at the centre of man has been my personal battle and my obligation as an artist that is still ongoing.


Art Design

In the late nineties the "art design" project reached maturity and came to life. My two spirits - artist and designer - came together and fused in the most natural way, giving rise to works that were unique in kind.

2000 - 2010

Nascono le mie prime collezioni di mobili, lampade, oggetti e gioielli. Per la produzione coinvolgo numerose realtà artigianali di eccellenza, tutte 100% italiane, con le quali condivido una continua ricerca di tecniche di lavorazione, materiali, finiture e quant’altro occorra per esprimere al meglio il valore e la qualità dei pezzi da realizzare, in un continuo e produttivo scambio di esperienze.

Nel 2000 apro il mio nuovo studio/showroom nel centro storico di Roma. Nel 2005, nel 2006 e nel 2010 presento i miei lavori alla fiera “Abitare il Tempo” di Verona. Nel 2005, inoltre, selezionato dalla Regione Lazio, espongo alcune mie creazioni in “Casa Italiana” all’ ICFF di New York. Nel 2009, con un bellissimo allestimento, sono presente, a Roma, alla fiera “Ambiente Italia”.


In the summer of 2011, after ten amazing years during which the public supported me and showed that they understood and appreciated my work, I decided to close the exhibition space in the centre of Rome and devote myself exclusively to designing and producing my collections.

My new journey began in a bright, spacious loft beside the sea, where the countryside and the removal from the hustle and bustle of city life favoured creativity and future plans.