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My personality as an artist, architect and designer manifests itself through this innovative and ingenious project where the three elements combine and cross-fertilise to produce “art-design” works that are unique in their field. This is how my furniture, accessories, lamps and objects are created; they are distinctive for their modern styling and great visual impact, but reflect the cultured influences that are perhaps born of my passion for the decorative arts of the twentieth century, which guarantee them to look good

in any setting, be it traditional or modern, and make it unique. Each of my furniture collections follows an aesthetic concept , that involves a specific production process and is represented by a few pieces that appear in the catalogue, which can be developed in our design studio to suit customer requirements. My design studio is at your disposal for this purpose and will assess and develop your ideas for customisation and follow each step of the production process.








Attention to detail

All the furniture in my collections is made wholly in Italy by highly qualified craftsmen, using quality materials such as blockboard, plywood and solid ash, lacquered and stained with acrylic products and finished exclusively with German fittings.
Hides, faux leathers, resins, ceramics and metal castings are all created by painstaking manual work. Texture designs and cast models are all created in my studio and are therefore totally unique.
Each piece is the result of detailed work carried out by craftsmen; any imperfection can therefore be considered as characteristic and proof of the item’s authenticity.

Styles may change and technology may evolve, but craftsmanship will always make the difference.



Gli stili cambiano, le tecnologie si evolvono, ma è sempre la mano dell’uomo che fa la differenza

Custom design

your questions answered

Custom manufacturing

Our collections can be custom-made to order by altering the dimensions and finishings to suit customer requirements.   Our technical department will assess feasibility in relation to technical and aesthetic parameters, and advise on the optimum solution. Custom-made furniture is made to measurements provided by the customer. Measurements provided at the time of ordering are considered definitive, so customers must ensure the data is accurate and accept responsibility for it. Once the order for custom-made items is placed and confirmed, the right to cancel or return is no longer applicable.

Design production

The unmistakable style of our contemporary luxury can be created in the Fabio Masotti studio for dedicated projects to meet the specific requirements of architects, interior designers, private customers and retailers.

Materials and finishes

Only top quality materials are used in the production of our furniture and accessories. Our wood of choice is ash, plain or rift sawn according to project requirements, blockboard, plywood and solid wood, stained and finished with acrylic products.  For lacquered furniture we use blockboard faced with MDF.  The hardware we use is from Hafele, a German company that is currently a market leader. Decorative elements – handles, feet, leather texturing, glass and ceramics – are our own exclusive designs, as are some of the special wood finishes. The customisation possibilities are endless in this area.  Tell us what you want and we’ll try to achieve it.

How to make a purchase

In the design section you will find the furniture collections, lamps and accessories that we offer, accompanied by descriptions of materials, finishings and dimensions. Alongside our usual items we also provide a customisation and made-to-order service; our technical department is at your disposal to assess the feasibility of your requirements. If you are interested in making a purchase, whether for personal use or for trade purposes, please contact us for prices, processing time, packaging and shipping costs and any other information and/or requests.

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