Emotions made in Italy

I have been working for many years now on my artistic and philosophical project that centres on the theme of the heart. The heart as a universal symbol of hope and the true lifeblood of our existence, an ancient symbol endowed with new powers of communication, the heart as the soul of a potential social and spiritual revolution.

My idea is to create limited edition pieces that combine the elegance of a design object with my artistic and philosophical way of thinking. A true synthesis of art and design.

I also believe that by duplicating a work of art, which is by nature reserved for a limited public and a single owner, and thereby significantly reducing the purchase price,

it can reach a wider audience, thus amplifying the values ​​that I strongly believe in and which I would wish to disseminate through my work by making it more accessible.

With these premises the “Heart Collection” project was created, which involves going beyond the individual work of the artist to create an enterprise around a shared way of thinking, involving a team of young professionals and highly specialised artisans.

The items, which have been specially designed for this project, will therefore not be replicas, but original works in limited editions, created using innovative materials and technologies; items that will decorate the contemporary home with new emotions.

Decorating with art

If it arouses real emotions in us and integrates harmoniously with the environment in which it is placed, a work of art can be a strongly characteristic element of our home furnishings, it can say who we are and what we think, it can introduce beauty and nourish the soul, and it can transform an anonymous space into a special place.
The pieces in the “Heart Collection” are the result of careful research into content, materials and finishes. Each piece is made by our craftsmen, a highly specialised, exclusively Italian workforce, and I follow each stage of the work personally in order to ensure customers receive the quality that has always defined my work.



A true synthesis of art and design

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