The project

My interest in jewellery started almost as a game. As an artist accustomed to working on pieces of widely differing dimensions, my initial idea was to create small pieces that people could wear about their person. Every woman could thus become her own “personal gallery”, but each woman would also be bringing an unexpected movement to my work or jewellery; her perfume, a fond look or a moment of melancholy, her joy, her smile… in short, life! The surprise, when it came, was incredible. My little works of art were alive and playing a silent part in day to day life, fostering a pleasing vanity and pride in their wearers. The success was such that I was inspired to create other pieces, and thus the collection continues to grow periodically as it is enhanced with new ideas and projects.

How the jewellery is made

All the jewellery in my collection is based on models that I create myself, from which silicone moulds are then made.
The pieces are cast in molten composite: a light, durable material that can reproduce all the details of the working. Each piece is then plated with pure silver and aged with a precision galvanising process.
The pieces are finished with polishing and antioxidant treatments. They are made wholly in Italy and the finished pieces are the result of hand crafting by extraordinary artisans who make each item unique and unrepeatable, some with tiny imperfections which serve as proof of their uniqueness.



Small works of art for everyday wear

How to make a purchase

In the jewellery section you will find the jewellery collections designed and created by Fabio Masotti as limited editions, so if you are interested in making a purchase, please contact us to find out if your selected item is still available, and any shipping costs.
If you are interested in our jewellery collections for commercial purposes, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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